New videos on the URM Academy Youtube channel!

Kristian Kohle has started doing videos about guitar-, drum- and studiotopics on the URM ACADEMY Youtube channel. Check out the channel. Here’s another one! Enjoy:

Introducing the GRINDSTEIN pedal!

So we teamed up with KLIRRTON, a German high end guitar pedal company, and came up with the ultimate Death Metal distortion preamp!

If you’re into dirty and fuzzy tones that still sound modern and tight, you better check this out and preorder! GRINDSTEIN product page.

A LIFE DIVIDED ht the German album charts!

We’re happy to so ALD hitting the official German album charts at #34! The album has been mastered here at Kohlekeller Studio.

GOLD RECORD for Dymytry in Czech Republic!

Amazing news from Prague!

DYMYTRY‘s new album “Revolter” that has been produced and mixed here at Kohlekeller has turned “gold” in Czech Republic in less than two weeks! Great to be a part of this!


More 90.000 views for our Cymbalvideo!

It’s incredibe. Our cymbalvideo on the URM Academy channel has reached over 90K views! If you wanna learn more about cymbals in rock and metal, you better watch this! Enjoy!

Hämatom / Trailerpark live at Wacken!

We recently mixed this Liveperformance of HÄMATOM and German Hip Hop supergroup TRAILERPARK at WACKEN Open Air 2019!


LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE hit the German album charts!

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE have hit the German album charts at #34!

Recorded, produced and mixed here at Kohlekeller! Whoop!


Kohle went back to 90s to talk about how producing metal was back in the days. Check out the URM Academy Youtube channel for more amazing videos like this:

New LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE video and album!

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE have release another single of their upcoming album that has already become ALBUM OF THE MONTH in the current issue of METAL HAMMER Germany! Produced and mixed here at Kohlekeller. Enjoy!

Kohle started doing Youtube videos for the URM Acedemy! Hell Yeah!

So I teamed up with the URM Academy from the US to make some informative Youtube videos about recording, producing and mixng metal!

Check out the first video about snaredrums in Metal! Enjoy!