All Will Know coming to da Keller!

Written by kohle Sunday, 14 August 2011 20:00

KKS Bands_1 There's a new band from just around the corner recording their debut at Kohlekeller at the moment. The guys from ALL WILL KNOW play some sort of modern melodic metal with screams and melodic voices. Sounds heavy and catchy so far. We're in the middle of the production right now, but I'm pretty sure this is gonna kick some ass! Check them out!

POWERWOLF album of the month in METAL HAMMER!

Written by kohle Wednesday, 20 July 2011 07:55

KKS Covers_1 Yippieyo! just saw the news that the brandnew POWERWOLF album "Blood of the Saints" is Album of the Month in METAL HAMMER Germany!
Check this out: METAL HAMMER

ASARU back at the heart of Darkness!

Written by kohle Thursday, 14 July 2011 20:14

KKS Bands_1 I've It's getting evil again. ASARU is the the main project of former AGATHODAIMON singer Frank Nordmann who moved to Norway a few years ago . There he found new members and returned to black metal Germany to record their new opus. We're trying hard to make this album sound black, cold and dirty as fuck. Let's see where we end up:)).

ABSENTIA LUNAE drumrecording

Written by kohle Friday, 17 June 2011 19:22

KKS Bands_1 This weekend Absentia Lunae from Italy will record the drums for their forthcoming album at Kohlekeller SMALL ROOM. It's Jan Benkwitz who's gonna play the drums. Some of you might already know we're talking about high speed metal here. Those guys do some hyperspeed terrorizing black metal. Watch out!

I SPIT ASHES at Kohlekeller

Written by kohle Thursday, 09 June 2011 07:24

KKS Bands_1 Here we go again! I SPIT ASHES have entered the studios to record their debut album "inhaling blackness, reflecting light". Expect some fresh and very catchy tunes somewehre between Gothenburg and the US, if you know what I mean. More to come soon!
Meanwhile check out their Studio diary as well!

ORPHAN HATE at Kohlekeller!

Written by kohle Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:00

KKS Bands_1 I've been working on the new ORPHAN HATE cd in the last weeks. We recorded drums, reamped all guitar and bass tracks and are in the middle of the vocal recordings right now. More news to come soon!

Some new Audio Files for you!

Written by kohle Sunday, 29 May 2011 13:42

So here's some snippets from last years productions:

KKS Covers_3 BENIGHTED "The Cold Remains" (released via Seasons Of Mist)

KKS Covers_5 BURDEN "Done with Denial" (released via Ván Records / Soulfood)

KKS Covers_1 THE OATH "I Am Nothing" (released via Code 666 / SPV)

KKS Covers_8 HELJAREYGA "Feigdin" (released via Black Bards / Alive)


mixing new SUBSIGNAL record "touchstones"

Written by kohle Friday, 27 May 2011 00:00

KKS Bands_2 Yeah boys and girls. I'm in the middle of the mix of the forthcoming Subsignal album "touchstones". It will be released via ZYX early September 2011.
Check them out. One of the nicest progbands you can possibly find!



Written by kohle Sunday, 22 May 2011 00:00

KKS Bands_3 I'm right now mixing the new TODAY FOREVER cd, released this summer via BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS. Sounding nice and dirty!
Great songs and pure enrgy. A lovely album! Some nice backing vocals from COMEBACK KID and WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH included.
Check them out!



Written by kohle Wednesday, 11 May 2011 00:00

Heyho boys and girls,
check out this little "making of" video of A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS new split CD "Lifetimes".
The EP will be released by Swell Creek records and features MAINTAIN from Hamburg as well.

Here you go:


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