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Hi everybody. So here we go!
Kohlekeller Studio, located in the middle of Germany, offers music productions and is specialized on metal and hardcore and heavy rock music since 1999. In the last ten years we have worked with bands from all over Europe, giving our best to make their records sound the way they should. So if that’s what you’re looking for, have a listen to our stuff and get in touch if you’re interested.

We offer full productions but also mix and/or master stuff recorded elsewhere. We also offer drumediting and guitar reamping service. No matter if you’re doing a demo project on a small budget or a bigger production, we’re here to bring YOUR music to the next level. There’s two control rooms (MAIN and SMALL room) and two engineers working at Kohlekeller Studio (Kohle and Kai Stahlenberg). There’s an appartement (including everything you need for living) for around 4 people without any additional costs.

For detailed informations have a look at this website! If there’s anything you need to know, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We look ugly, but we’re pretty nice people and take the time to talk about every project!


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OUTRAGE (austria) back at Kohlekeller

The groove death rockers from Graz (Austria) OUTRAGE have returned to Kohlekeller Studios to record their second album. We started recording drums today. Stay tuned! These guys rock!

POWERWOLF studio report 2011


ATLJ from Braunschweig / Germany are back a t Kohlekeller to record their part of a forthcoming split CD with a yet to be annouced band.
The new material is catchy yet intense. Meanwhile check out some snippets from the drumrecording:

POWERWOLF recording new album at Kohlekeller!

Just after christmas it’s getting evil at Kohlekeller. Kohle has started recording the new POWERWOLF record. So far things are sounding great. As usual these guys have written some highly catchy tunes that will haunt the fellow metalheads forever.
The album will be mixed at Studio Fredman and will be released sometime 2011 by Metal Blade records.

HEAVENWOOD mixing session “Abyss Masterpiece” 2010

HEAVENWOOD (Portugal) at Kohlekeller!

At the moment I’m mixing the new HEAVENWOOD album which will be released on Listenable records in early 2011. These Portugese guys have been around for a long time and after the great album “Redemtion” in 2008 they’re back with something darker and more symphonic.
I’m working hard to make it sound as cool as possible! See you in a few months when it’s released.

Meanwhile check out:


I just mixed the new album from Germany’s finest DEAD EYED SLEEPER recorded by the band themselves.
These guys play some very intelligent and melodic death metal somewhere between Sweden and Poland (if you know what i mean). The album will be released early 2011 on SUPREME CHAOS RECORDS. Don’t miss to check them out next year!

Mixing CREMATORY DVD Liva at Mera Luna

I just finished mixing 5 songs for the forthcoming CREMATORY greatest hits DVD “Black Pearls” from their gig at MERA LUNA festival 2010.
Check them out them here:
Crematory Homepage

ROEL VAN HELDEN solo album

Roel van Helden (drummer of Subsignal and Sun Caged) has just recorded the drums for his solo album at Kohlekeller Studios. Sounds like a great album from what i have heard so far!

Here’s the press release:

Subsignal’s drummer Roel van Helden is currently working on a solo album. It will be released by German label ‘Hands of Blue’ early 2011. Drums are already recorded at the Kohlekeller studio! The music will be diverse, but can be labeled as progressive rock. A whole array of talented singers will cooperate (as Roel can’t sing himself..) such as Arno (Subsignal), Paul (Sun Caged), Aniek (Delphian) and Robbie (Day-Six). Guitars are recorded by Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Coert Bouten (Delphian).

More info: www.roelvanhelden.com