HEAVENWOOD (Portugal) at Kohlekeller!

At the moment I’m mixing the new HEAVENWOOD album which will be released on Listenable records in early 2011. These Portugese guys have been around for a long time and after the great album “Redemtion” in 2008 they’re back with something darker and more symphonic.
I’m working hard to make it sound as cool as possible! See you in a few months when it’s released.

Meanwhile check out:


I just mixed the new album from Germany’s finest DEAD EYED SLEEPER recorded by the band themselves.
These guys play some very intelligent and melodic death metal somewhere between Sweden and Poland (if you know what i mean). The album will be released early 2011 on SUPREME CHAOS RECORDS. Don’t miss to check them out next year!

Mixing CREMATORY DVD Liva at Mera Luna

I just finished mixing 5 songs for the forthcoming CREMATORY greatest hits DVD “Black Pearls” from their gig at MERA LUNA festival 2010.
Check them out them here:
Crematory Homepage

ROEL VAN HELDEN solo album

Roel van Helden (drummer of Subsignal and Sun Caged) has just recorded the drums for his solo album at Kohlekeller Studios. Sounds like a great album from what i have heard so far!

Here’s the press release:

Subsignal’s drummer Roel van Helden is currently working on a solo album. It will be released by German label ‘Hands of Blue’ early 2011. Drums are already recorded at the Kohlekeller studio! The music will be diverse, but can be labeled as progressive rock. A whole array of talented singers will cooperate (as Roel can’t sing himself..) such as Arno (Subsignal), Paul (Sun Caged), Aniek (Delphian) and Robbie (Day-Six). Guitars are recorded by Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Coert Bouten (Delphian).

More info: www.roelvanhelden.com

EXTRAMENSCH record released!

totally forgot to speak about this band. During the last month these guys have come back to Kohlekeller several times to complete their debut album. It’s modern dark rock music with sophisticated German lyrics. Highly recommended!


LAST JETON at Kohlekeller!

The new band of two members of MYRIS have just produced their two first songs at Kohlekeller. LAST JETON from Rodgau/Frankfurt play some sort of alternative rock, melodic yet powerful. Check out the new songs on their Myspace:



SOLAR FRAGMENT have just closed the doors of Kohlekeller after having finished their second album “In Ou Hands”. You can expect some highly melodic and intelligent metal, lots of choirs and finally a really intense guest vocal performance by ähhh, let’s say a well known metal singer. A great album soon to be heard!

Kohle was responsible for the drum tracking, reamping of all guitars and bass tracks, mixing and mastering. Check them out!

ADORNED BROOD enter Kohlekeller!

The pagan metalheads from ADORNED BROOD have just left Kohlekeller
Studios after the production of their seventh studio album. Kai @ SMALL ROOM
was responsible for recording and mixing.
Be prepared for some higly catchy viking tunes coming your way soon.
Meanwhile check a studio report at Dark-Festivals.


BENIGHTED (fr) back at Kohlekeller!

My good old mates from BENIGHTED from Lyon/France have entered Kohlekeller Studios for the 4th time.
We’ve started tracking drums yesterday and everything’s awesome so far. The drummer Kikou does a great job and the drums sound pretty damn cool. The material is not only brutal as usual but also faster than ever. So, see you guys in a few weeks when the production is finished!

47 Million Dollars “unkaputtbar” released!

With a furious release show in their hometown Darmstadt, 47 MILLION DOLLARS have released their second full length “unkaputtbar”. Drums, guitars, mixing and mastering have been done at Kohlekeller Studios.
Kick ass hardcore music with German lyrics. Check out the new songs on their Myspace!