NOVA ART (ru) video clip!

Hi there!
A brandnew clip from NOVA ART has just arrived. It’s an amazing prog metal act from Moscow/Russia. They’ve been at Kohlekeller two years ago for mixing their debut album! Check out the video and support them!

SIX REASONS TO KILL at Kohlekeller

SIX REASONS TO KILL from Koblenz have come back to KKS to produce
their forthcoming album. It’s already the third time that the deathcore combo’s here,
with their new singer and material more brutal than ever. So expect something
really crushing coming your way towars the end of the year via Massacre Records.

BLEED INTO ONE at Kohlekeller

Our good friends from BLEED INTO ONE (Hardcore from Saarland/Germany) just came by to record 2 new songs for the upcoming split 7″ with ANIMAL INSTINCT from Switzerland. Kai did the tracking at KKS SMALL ROOM and Kohle just mixed it at KKS MAIN ROOM. So watch out for BIOs new release!

Menwhile check out the band here!
bleed Into one

MY CITY BURNING (NL) promo trailer online!

some of you might remember. MY CITY BURNING from Amsterdam were at KKS in autumn 2009 to record their debut album which will be released later this year on I SCREAM records. Meanwhile check out their new video with a track of the forthcoming album “lone wolves”!

THE OATH (Fr) back at Kohlekeller!

I’m in the middle of producing the new album of THE OATH from Lyon/France.
Expect some higly melodic death/black riffing, atmospheric Keyboards and extreme screaming. So keep your ears open when the album will be released later this year by Code666/SPV.

Check out THE OATH here:
The Oath MySpace

ANOTHER PERFECT DAY album to be released 7th may!

Tomorrow Kohle’s solo album will be released! Grab your copy or download it at Itunes etc. It features guest appearences by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath), Arno Menses (Subsignal, Sieges Even) and Kasten Jäger (Disbelief).

Have a look at the ANOTHER PERFECT DAY myspace for more infos:
Another Perfect Day MySpace

Here’s a little teaser for you. “The Matador”:

BURDEN recording debut at Kohlekeller

I just spent the last weeks recording and mixing the debut album of BURDEN from Mainz/Germany. They play some sort of crowbaresque deep and heavy metal/rock and believe me this album heavily kicks ass! The album will be released later this year on Ván Records /Soulfood.

The new songs are not online yet but please have a look at:
Burden MySpace

for a first impression!