ABORTED “Divine Impediment” videoclip


Another one we almost forgot to mention: Kohle and Kai mixed the new JOACHIM WITT DVD in stereo and 5.1 surround.
And it actually deserves the name “live” which happens rarely these days.

HÄMATOM “Fick das System” videoclip

ABORTED video clip!

Video clip from the forthcoming ABORTED EP “Termination Redux” we produced here at Kohlekeller in summer 2015. Coming in January 2016 via CENTURY MEDIA.
Grind the fuck up!

Powerwolf hit the charts!

Almost Forget to preach the happy gospel. POWERWOLF have made it to #3 in the German album charts! Nothing else to say but: Fuckin awesome!

SE Electronic Kohlekeller feature!

Our endorser SE ELECTRONIC has drone a little feature (including a soundclip) about us using their VOODOO Ribbin mics as overheads. FOLLOW THIS LINK:


ABORTED grinding Kohlekeller!

The international death metal institution ABORTED has visited Kohlekeller to record/mix/master their forthcoming release coming your way via CENTURY MEDIA end of the year! As usual. More news soon baby!

HÄMATOM Clip “kids”

Another nice one from HÄMATOM’s chart breaking album “X”.


Almost forgot to mention that the mighty POWERWOLF have come back to Kohlekeller to record their new album! More news soon!

GLOOMBALL at Kohlekeller!

We spent a lot of time and passion on the new GLOOMBALL album “The Quiet Monster” that has been produced, mixed and mastered here at Kohlekeller. This beast’s gonna kicks some serious ass! The album is coming your way via STEAMHAMMER / SPV in March!