POWERWOLF recording session at KKS!

Once again the mighty POWERWOLF have returned to Kohlekeller to record guitars and drums for their forthcoming album which is going to be
released on NAPALM RECORDS later this year. They’ll get back to you soon howling some of their most intense hymns so far!

AGATHODAIMON album production!

For the fourth time Agathodaimon have entered Kohlekeller to record an album. We have already preproduced a few songs together and I can say that these songs are both super strong and fuckin evil. It’s a step back to their roots but still catchy and modern. Hard to say. Let’s have a listen when it’s released on MASSACRE RECORDS later this year!

IN ARKADIA studio clip!

Check out the new clip from IN ARKADIA from Lyon/France that they filmed here at Kohlekeller Studios. Modern metal! Fuckin heavy!
Record is coming soon!

IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER debut album!

Here we go again!
The Swiss boys from IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER have just returned to Kohlekeller to record their first full length. It’s gona be the craziest Kohlekeller record ever. Some weird mathcore paired with groovy parts and baroque passages. Really inspiring stuff coming soon!

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS recording new full length!

HAPPY NEW YEAR boys and girls!
We have just finished recording the new A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS record, which will be one of the most intense metalcore releases to come in 2013! At least that’s what we think. In the meatime check them out live or wait until Kohle has mixed the album next month!

ORPHAN HATE videoclip!

Check out the new clip from ORPHAN HATE hand buy their new album fellas!

SIX REASONS TO KILL coming home!

After some hard yet inspiring work we have just finished SIX REASONS TO KILL’s new record which will be released on MASSACRE RECORDS in early 2013. Beside what you expect from one of Germany’s metalcore pioneers, there wll be some interesting new tunes coming up. Watch out!


I just spent 4 weeks recording the new MY CITY BURNING record which will be released on I SCREAM RECORDS. This record is going to be so fuckin intense. Everything Hardcore you’ll ever need! Mixing starts tomorrow!

ADORNED BROOD producing new record!

ADORNED BROOD are back at Kohlekeller to record/mix/master their new album “Kunigaz” which is coming out later this year on MASSACRE RECORDS.
Support the vikings! More to come soon!


Kohle started working on the new CREMATORY album. It’s kick ass sounding so far! More to come soon!