Kohle started working on the new CREMATORY album. It’s kick ass sounding so far! More to come soon!

CRIPPER at Kohlekeller!

Kai Stahlenberg just finished mixing and mastering the new CRIPPER album here at Kohlekeller Small Room! It’s been a lot of work for him, but the result is a heavy as sh*t Thrash-Metal-Masterpiece!
“Antagonist” will be released on June 22nd on SAOL.

CYTOTOXIN recording new album!

The East German brutal death metal heads from CYTOTOXIN have just finsihed recording and mixing their second album here at Kohlekeller. It’s one of the fastest and most brutal outputs so far! Go check them out if you’re into the fastest stuff metal has to offer.  Soon to be released on UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS
Here’s a little studio teaser!
CYTOTOXIN studio trailer! :

BEISSERT at Kohlekeller!

Kohle has just finished recording and mixing the new BEISSERT album. These guys from Dresden recorded some ugly tunes somewhere between stonerrock and metal. Everyhting’s flavoured with a touch of satanic madness and dirt. Watch out for one of the most unique albums within the German metal scene coming out on AGONIA RECORDS soon!

ANOTHER PERFECT DAY “making of” 2011

LAST JETON videoclip!

Here’s a new videoclip from Last Jeton who recorded their debut EP here in 2011. Check them out if you wanna hear some “non metal tunes” from Kohlekeller:


We’ve just finished tracking and mixing the new record from ALL FOR NOTHING. These guys from Rotterdam are one of the busiest Hardcore livebands in Europe and just came back from supporting Sick Of It All on their European tour before entering the studio. The album kicks ass and is one of the dirtiest Kohlekeller productions so far. Soon to be released on GSR Records. Watch out boys and girls!

New BENIGHTED videoclip

Check out BENIGHTEDs new videoclip from their 2011 release “Asylum Cave”.

BENIGHTED “Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth”:

DDP Player

These are the download links for our “Kohlekeller Studio DDP Player” for Windows and Mac (if you can’t click them then copy and paste them in your web browser):

Mac:  click here
Windows:  click here

To install the “Kohlekeller Studio DDP Player” on both Windows or Mac, follow these steps:

– save the appropriate .zip file for your platform to a folder on your hard drive
– extract the zip file
– run the extracted executable

The DDP Player is now installed. During the first startup you will be asked to enter a key.
Use this: 4DDE-487F-2093-5EFC

THE PROPHECY 23 invading Kohlekeller!

The brutal Thrashers from THE PROPHECY 23 are right now spreading their madness here at Kohlekeller. They are working on their second album which will be released by MASSACRE RECORDS in early 2012. The tracking session is almost finished and everyhting rocks and rumbles. Mix will take place in February. Watch out for something really funny and evil 🙂