ABSENTIA LUNAE drumrecording

This weekend Absentia Lunae from Italy will record the drums for their forthcoming album at Kohlekeller SMALL ROOM. It's Jan Benkwitz who's gonna play the drums. Some of you might already know we're talking about high speed metal here. Those guys do some hyperspeed terrorizing black metal. Watch out! Read More »

I SPIT ASHES at Kohlekeller

Here we go again! I SPIT ASHES have entered the studios to record their debut album "inhaling blackness, reflecting light". Expect some fresh and very catchy tunes somewehre between Gothenburg and the US, if you know what I mean. More to come soon! Meanwhile check out their Studio diary as well! Read More »

Kohlekeller Studio – Media

{tab=VIDEO} ABORTED "Divine Impediment" videoclip{youtube}vCGOyvfzd-U{/youtube}HÄMATOM "offline" videoclip{youtube}MVBG31awUfM{/youtube}8KIDS "Alles löst sich auf" videoclip{youtube}7G2y2dQS5t0{/youtube}ESKIMO CALLBOY "We are the Mess" videoclip{youtube}hj7VJnNq6A4{/youtube}A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS "What Counts" videoclip{youtube}Zxra_wCwfzw{/youtube}AGATHODAIMON "I've Risen" videoclip{youtube}hNmCPGfyGJs{/youtube}IN ARKADIA "Skinning The Slaves" videoclip{youtube}2NuBaiNjEZM&hd=1{/youtube}POWERWOLF "Amen and Attack" videoclip{youtube}KmqgRAXygDg{/youtube}ORPHAN HATE "Bring Me Down" videoclip{youtube}M_9v7ZFbzPg{/youtube}GWLT "Ruhe & Frieden" videoclip:{youtube}XnGJQmAf3cU{/youtube}ANOTHER PERFECT DAY "making of" 2011: {youtube}6N8UsNaBNDc?hd=1{/youtube} NEW LIVEROOM DRUMS!: {youtube}VsN37se0w78{/youtube}… Read More »

Some new Audio Files for you!

So here's some snippets from last years productions: BENIGHTED "The Cold Remains" (released via Seasons Of Mist) [audio mp3="http://www.kohlekeller.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Benighted-KKS-2010.mp3"][/audio] BURDEN "Done with Denial" (released via Ván Records / Soulfood) [audio mp3="http://www.kohlekeller.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/BURDEN-KKS.mp3"][/audio] THE OATH "I Am Nothing" (released via Code 666 / SPV) [audio mp3="http://www.kohlekeller.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/The-Oath-KKs-2010-I-Am-Nothing.mp3"][/audio] HELJAREYGA "Feigdin" (released via Black Bards / Alive) [audio mp3="http://www.kohlekeller.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Heljareyga-KKS.mp3"][/audio] Read More »