• That’s the coolest thing you can do of course!

    Mixing and mastering is cool, but doing a complete production is a lot better;). Recording all instruments gives us the chance to dive deeper into your music.

    We try to support you from the beginning to make your songs sound they way they should. We assist you while playing, we help to choose the right instruments, amps, mics and effects and we support you with our musical ideas if wanted. We have a lot of great sounding guitar amps, drums, snares and cymbals that you can use free of charge. And most importantly we keep on working until we’re all satisfied!

    A great sounding record is more than a bunch of well recorded tracks. We trying to help to get YOUR musical vision on “tape”. We’re not just recording.

    During the recording sessions you should be able to concentrate on your playing. We take care of the rest and make your production as relaxed as possible.

    We can either just do the “technical” part of the production or help you creatively. Whatever you desire.

    And believe me, we’re pretty nice people as well! You need to get along with someone if you wanna work with him for days and weeks, so please call us if you wanna know we how niiiice we

    All right boys and girls. Get in touch for a great sounding and relaxed production!

    Can we sleep/live at the studio?

    What instruments/gear do we need to bring?

    What else should we prepare?

  • A mix will make or break the sound of a record. It is the most complex and difficult step in a production with lots of creativity involved.

    We have mixed a lot of productions recorded by other studios or the bands and musicians themselves in the last years. The most important thing is to get in touch early!

    It’s a good idea to talk to us BEFORE you start recording. This way, we can make sure, everything is like we need it to be later on in the mixing process.

    Very often we also reamp guitar and bass tracks while mixing, so please make sure you also record clean DI tracks of all guitars and basses.

    It’s too difficult to answer all mix related questions, so please get in touch if you think about mixing your music at Kohlekeller Studios.

  • The mastering is the last creative step before your music is released to the public. Mastering mistake can’t be corrected so this job should be done by a professional.

    We give our best to make your recordings sound loud and punchy but not lifeless and distorted. We try to even out the frequency range in a musical way and get rid of any annoying or hyped frequencies.

    We prefer to do stem mastering if possible. This means you give us the instrument group tracks of your productions the way you mixed them. This way we can “do more” if needed or just do the finishing touch like on a stereo master (see below).

    So if your mixes need the last finishing touch, contact us!

    How should my tracks look like?

    Should we add any processing (compression, EQing, limiting) to the tracks?

    Do we get a hardware or software master?

    Can we attend the mastering session?

    What happens if we want the master to be changed?

  • Reamping your direct guitar tracks here at Kohlekeller will bring your guitar sound to a new level.

    It’s interesting for those of you doing productions in the rehearsal room or at your home studio. If you wanna have a guitar sound recorded

    through real tube amps and guitar cabs instead of plugins and digital hardware emulations, just get in touch. Normally it can be done quickly and does not cost you a fortune.

    How should my tracks look like?

    Can we send you some test files before the real production starts?

    Which guitar amps are available?

    Can we attend the reamping session?